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Sharad Ritu (Autumn) & Ayurvedic Pitta Detox (Virechana)

Sharad Rutucharya and Virechana Panchakarma

The intensity of the rainy season is slowly diminishing and autumn has just arrived. Unlike the cold and humid climate of the rainy season, autumn is a hot day and a cold night. This season, which falls between Ashwin and Karthik (Mid September to Mid November), is a pleasant season for some, but not for others. This is what we call October heat these days. The poet Kalidasa as well as Tulsidas have beautifully described this season. After the end of the rainy season, the greenery is adorned like a bride, the lotus blossoms in the lake, the chirping of the swan, and the cool moonlight of autumn are all captivating.

Even so, this season is difficult for people who suffer from pitta/( acidic nature). This is because the pitta dosha

accumulated in the body during the previous rainy season begins to be provoked by the increased heat in autumn. Increased pitta in this manner causes many pitta diseases in the body such as Hyperacidity, skin disorders, stomach disorders, burning of body and limbs, insomnia, stomatitis, Mouth Ulcers, etc.

Ayurveda has given more importance to the health care of a healthy person than to the treatment of diseases. If a person changes his lifestyle according to the seasons, the chances of getting any disease are very low. Ayurveda Acharyas have suggested the following remedies for the effects of autumn on a healthy body.

Diet in Sharad Ritu-

- In this season, one should consume food with taste astringent, sweet and bitter tastes. As all three of this rasa (taste) are pitta shamak (Pitta lowering), they reduce the increased pitta this season.

- Also, due to slow digestion in this season, digestive power is less, so avoid consuming food that is heavy to digest, like Non-vegetarian food, oily spicy, junk-fast food, etc.

- Increase the use of light foods for digestion like rice, wheat, barley, green gram.

- The person should increase the consumption of honey, padwal, sweets, amla and raisins, grapes in the diet.

- Use of fresh rice, curd, oil, and alcohol should be minimized as much as possible.

Vihar/ Lifestyle in Sharad Ritu -

- Avoid sitting or walking in direct sunlight as much as possible and avoid taking direct wind on your body as such wind from the east direction can make you sick.

-Do not sleep during the day as sleep during the day increases Kapha/ cough.

- Moonlight in autumn is cool and reduces pitta dosha, so in Ayurveda texts, it is recommended to consume cool moonlight on the terrace or in the yard at night.

- To remove the increased pitta defect from the body during this season, pitta detox/ purification should be done by Virechana Panchakarma. Also vitiated blood impurities can be removed with

Rakta mokshana/ bloodletting.

Virechana Panchakarma in Nashik, India

Virechana Panchakarma / Pitta Detox -

Virechan is the best Panchakarma to get rid of the excessive pitta dosha defect that has been vitiated in autumn. This is also now called Pitta Detox/ Liver detox or colon detox because all the toxins/defects in the liver and intestines are removed out of the body with the medicated purgation or Virechana. If it is excreted at the beginning of this season, the chances of getting any Pitta-related disease throughout the year are very low. Virechana Panchakarma usually takes 7 to 12 days to complete.

For Virechana Panchakarma, first, the person is examined and it is decided whether he/she is suitable forVirechana or not. This is followed by Purvakarma, Pradhankarma, and Paschat Karma.

Best Ayurvedic Clinic in Nashik

Virechana Purvakarma (Pre Procedure)-

In this, the person is given dosha Pachan and Rukshana medicine for 3 days and after that, for Snehapana appropriate medicated ghee (ghee) is given every morning and this medicated ghee is selected according to body type, Agni, dosha vitiation, age, etc.

The dose of this medicated ghee also varies according to age, body type, and digestion. Generally, after 3 to 7 days of drinking medicated ghee, 3 days of external massage and steam (Snehana- swedana) is done for 45 to 50 minutes. Massage for 45 minutes with selected medicated oil and then medicated steam also removes dosha from every cell and directs towards the stomach.

Virechan Procedure i.e. Pradhankarma-

After Snehana and swedana, medicines are given for medicated purgation in the morning. After taking suitable purgative medicine loose motions starts after 1 or 2 hours. Here Purgation or diarrhea is brought in a controlled manner by giving appropriate medicine in the morning on the day of Virechana. Pitta dosha/Bile defects accumulated in the stomach/ intestines due to pre-karma are completely removed from the body. Diarrhea is brought about 10 to 30 times or according to the strength of the person.

Post Virechana procedure- Paschat-karma-

It is advisable to rest for 2 days as the body gets very tired due to Virechana / loose motions. Also, due to Virechana, the digestive power is reduced and in order to increase it slowly, it is necessary to take the food in a slow and in proper digestion order. It starts from the rice gruel (Chawal peya) and gradually comes to the regular diet in 3 to 4 days.

This method of Virechan Panchakarma/ Pitta Detox immediately reduces the Pitta problem and also increases digestion, strength, enthusiasm, and work stamina.

We at Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic offer the best Virechana treatment for Pitta Detoxification.

Dr.Yogesh Chavan has performed many Virechana Panchakarma and he is experienced in Virechana Panchakarma.

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