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Treatment of IBS/ Digestive Diseases: Ayurveda is for your rescue

IBS Ayurvedic Treatment in Nashik

Our Lifestyle is a very important part of our health. Health usually depends on our daily habits, sleep pattern, food choices, etc. According to Ayurveda and medical studies, most Digestive / Gastrointestinal Diseases occurs in the body due to faulty and stressful Lifestyle. Here food plays a very crucial role, it is directly related to our health. What we eat, when we eat, how we eat everything matters. As per Ayurveda whole body is nourished by our diet, So according to Satvik, rajasi, tamasi diet, one can develop mental health also.

Most of the digestive diseases like IBS, IBD, hyperacidity occurs due to wrong diet pattern, faulty dietary habit (like fruit+milk, fish+milk), late-night sleeping, day sleeping habit, watching mobile or TV for late night. These habits disturb our sleep pattern, the Body clock, digestive juices, and this results in the inability of the body to do routine body activities like good digestion, concentration, work efficiency, etc. This further results in Digestive and lifestyle-related diseases.

“Jatharo Bhagwan Agni |”

According to World Health Organization (WHO), 40 to 45% of people in the world suffer from any type of digestive disease and it grows steadily if ignored.

Factors that are responsible for healthy and good digestion are called Digestive fire or Jatharagni.

If your digestive fire is in good condition then your digestion will be good thus Ayurveda gives Digestive fire as a status of God.

Ayurvedic Treatment for IBS in Nashik

Causes OF IBS/ Grahani -

Now in this fast digital world, we do not have much time to spend on our self. We are always in hurry as a result of not having breakfast properly, irregular mealtime, watching TV/Mobile during a meal, excess junk-fast food eating, eating stale/preserved food and late-night awakening affect our digestive as well as overall health. This later damages our digestive fire to a great extent which results in serious health diseases.

In many Digestive diseases, there are functional changes and abnormalities instead of any structural/anatomical changes hence many diagnostic tests fail to diagnose these kinds of diseases. This is the reason behind not being diagnosed by any blood test, Sonography, Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, etc. All such test results come normal but symptoms and all issues persist.

Medical history and symptoms are enough for diagnosis. Allopathy treatment for this gives you temporary relief and it will reoccur when you stop those medicines.

The advanced level of this is IBS- Irritable bowel Syndrome, in which the patient has discomfort in the abdomen and there is frequent urge to go to the toilet for defecation. Many people develop symptoms of an urge to defecate after eating anything. Also bloating in the stomach, gases, excess bowel or intestine sounds, nausea, weakness, lack of concentration, irritability, bleeding per anum, lack of energy are symptoms of IBS.

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik

Ayurvedic Treatment of IBS -

According to the Ayurvedic Treatment principle for IBS While treating a patient, it is very important to treat digestive fire (Jatharagni) and improve its function to normal. Ayurvedic medicines also give strength to grahani (i.e.Duodenum and intestine). If Jatharagni gets proper then it can digest any kind of food and such well-digested food will never irritate the intestine and will pass smoothly through it. Instead of symptomatic treatment, Ayurveda focuses on treatment from the root cause.

In most cases of digestive disorders background of such diseases is very old, so it also takes time to heal & cure. Ayurveda Helps to cure this from its root cause without any side effects. Ayurvedic medicines are chosen according to body type and other criteria hence it suits everyone and the best thing is that it will not reoccur further by following some dietary and lifestyle rules.

Dietary regimes for Digestive diseases-

- Eat only warm and fresh food.

- Prefer food that is easy to digest such as moong dal, Jowar, etc.

- Eat less spicy & oily food

- Use cow’s ghee & milk in the diet

- Use old grains, rice & wheat as they are easy to digest

- Use buttermilk in diet, it can enhance intestinal bacterial flora

- curry leaves, bottle-guard, ash-guard are easy to digest hence eat them frequently

- Eat only when you feel hungry avoid overeating

Things to avoid in Digestive Diseases-

-Avoid eating fast food- junk food.

- Avoid pickle, Papad, fried food item

- Avoid eating Tur dal, chana dal, sour curd

- Avoid bakery products as well as fermented food like Idli, Dosa, Uttapam, etc.

- Avoid Dalada ghee, excessive tea/ Coffey

-Avoid smoking, chewing Gutkha, Tobacco

At Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda Clinic we have very good and effective treatment for IBS as well other Digestive Diseases like acidity, constipation, Reflux esophagitis, Amoebioasis, pain in the abdomen, etc.

Dr.Yogesh Chavan is MD in Ayurveda from Kerala and he has successfully treated many patients suffering from IBS and other Digestive Diseases. He is one of the best Ayurvedic Doctors in Nashik, India.

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