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panchakarma Ayurveda nashik  Dr.yogesh c

Pottali Sweda

          There are various types of Pottali sweda or Pinda sweda are mentioned & practiced in Ayurveda.

         Patra Pottali Sweda, Churna Pinda Sweda, Shashti Shali Pinda sweda (Jnavarkizhi), Kadikizhi, Anda Sweda (Mutta Kizhi) etc. are done according to condition of Vata prakopa or considering other dohsa conditions.

            Pinda Sweda is used mainly to provide relief from pain, inflammation, swelling and stiffness (catch) associated with bone, joint and or musculoskeletal pains.

1. It helps in strengthening the muscles, bones, nerves and tissues. is Rejuvenate and nourish our body

3.Navarakkizhi stimulating our nervous system and improving our skin condition

4.This procedure is best for arthritis

5. Helps to making a good relief from neurological disorders

6. Getting good relief from chronic muscular problems

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