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Suffering from Constipation? Ayurvedic Treatment is only better solution.

Constipation Ayurvedic best treatment nashik india

constipation: gift of modern Lifestyle

The diet of the modern generation has changed a lot, from traditional home-cooked food to fast and convenient foods, due to our busy lifestyles. Due to the lack of fiber in these convenience and ready-to-eat foods, a lot of people nowadays are suffering from constipation.

In this article, I will discuss some of the remedies that can be used to treat and prevent constipation.

Here we have mentioned some home remedies as well as tips to avoid and treat constipation -

1) Drink Water as per body requirements and keep your body Hydrated:

drink water to avoid constipation

It is important to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses of water on a regular basis to keep yourself well hydrated. Adding mint leaves to your water will make it colorful and flavourful. Adding a small amount of chia seeds or flaxseeds to your diet would add more fiber to your daily diet. Aerated drinks will put your body into dehydration mode and will not help quench your thirst, so don't drink aerated drinks. It is always advisable and beneficial to consume fresh fruit or vegetable juices without added sugar.

2) Increase Fibrous food in Diet:

It's important to include a lot of fiber in the diet in order to prevent and treat constipation. It is possible to find fiber in fresh fruits and vegetables. It is a good idea to consume at least 1 to 2 fruits a day. Fruits and vegetables are rich in compounds that protect one's body from free radical stress and oxidative stress.

Fruits and vegetables have a lot of natural water and fiber, which can be used to eliminate constipation. The chia seeds and flaxseeds are rich sources of fiber. If you want to cleanse your system, you can either consume them on an empty stomach or sprinkle them on top of a fruit or vegetable salad.

One hour before or after your main meals, you can consume flaxseeds along with warm water. It helps to prevent and treat bicycle problems in an individual. You can add more flour to your bread by adding more powdered flaxseed or wheat bran. It will add a lot of fiber to your diet if you include salads or soups and vegetables with your main meals. Green leafy vegetable soup or juice contains a good amount of insoluble fiber to facilitate colon muscle movements. Bananas, which are a good source of vitamins and minerals, have been found to be a good laxative. Good bowel movement can be made possible by it.

3) Choose Whole Grain Food:

As compared to polished cereals, whole grain cereals and lentils are rich in fiber. It is always better to consume brown rice or red rice rather than polished white rice. One of the cereals that are rich in fiber and known to show weight-loss results in individuals is unique because of its high fiber content, as well as the fact that it helps to prevent and treat constipation in an individual.

It's a good idea to avoid the consumption of processed foods and ready-to-eat foods. Preservatives and artificial flavoring are harmful to one's health, and especially to one's gut health. It's a good idea to avoid eating high-fat foods and high-sugar foods because they may increase the occurrence of constipation. Including a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet is important. Limit the amount of pizza and burgers you consume because they don't have an adequate amount of fiber.

4) Exercise Daily and Be Physically Active:

Exercising daily has been proven to be beneficial for physical and mental health, but it has also been known to facilitate good bowel movement, which has been known to eradicate the symptoms of Constipation. It is recommended that you include a list of aerobic and anaerobic exercises in your daily routine, which will help your body release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones, thus making you feel more positive about yourself.

Incorporating dance, skipping, Zumba, cardio, yoga, aerobics, and various strength training exercises into your daily schedule can help you be fit. It has been shown that sitting in front of the television for a long period of time with very little movement by an individual can increase the risk of constipation & digestive diseases.

It is advisable to exercise on a regular basis and not to watch television for long hours. keep your lifestyle active and healthy.

best ayurvedic treatment for constipation, piles, fissure

5) Include Adequate Amounts of Probiotics in Your Diet:

When you have adequate amounts of probiotics in your diet like curd or buttermilk helps to facilitate healthy gut bacteria and eliminate the harmful bacteria, which are present inside your gut.

It helps in regular bowel movements and prevents constipation in an individual.

Chia seeds or flaxseed sprinkled on your fruit or cut veggies dipped in curd can be taken by an individual.

6) Do Not Starve Yourself:

Starvation is dangerous to your health and can be deadly if carried out for a long time.

You may not have realized this, but constipation is an actual medical condition that has many different causes and affects different people differently.

There are many things that make people get sick and not feel well.

You can lose weight in a short time, but it’s a waste of time to starve.

It’s depriving your body of the essential nutrients it needs.

You're never going to lose weight if you don't eat less and move more.

7) Listen to the Urge of Your Body to Visit the Washroom:

Often due to busy meetings or due to some work or the other, we tend to ignore the urge of our body to visit the washroom on time leading to constipation-like symptoms later. Hence, it is always essential to listen to your nature's call on time.

8) Always Be Calm, Relaxed, and Stress-Free:

According to many research studies, stress has seen affect regular bowel movements, thus leading to constipation. Hence, always be calm, positive, and relaxed. Stress and unhealthy eating from outside have also proved to delay the regular menstrual cycle in females, leading to various lifestyle-related disorders like polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOD).

Hence, along with good physical health, it is also essential to take care of one's mental health.

yoga exercise for constipation

I hope that these tips seemed to be helpful to you to prevent and treat constipation.

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