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Constipation : best treatment with Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment of Constipation, piles

Constipation is one of the common digestive problems now days. Around 20 to 25 % people are suffering from chronic constipation in India.

For good health and good physical function, food needs to be digested on a daily basis and excreted in feces. But for many reasons, defecation does not occur on a daily basis or the bowel movement is more constricted, dry and constipated. These symptoms are called constipation.

Constipation is not a separate disease but causes a background of many diseases. This may cause minor constipation at first, but long time constipation can lead to many digestive or other disorders.

According to Ayurveda, Apan Vayu causes proper bowel movements and pushes digested food forward in intestine and causes defecation. However, due to the reasons given below, apan vayu gets vitiated with ruksh guna (dry ness), due to lack of proper lubrication in intestine and less intestinal movements, stool becomes hard and becomes difficult to pass through anus.

In this way, due to lack of proper bowel movement, symptoms like constipation, bloating and tightness in lower abdomen start appearing. In addition, gases, heaviness in the lower abdomen, loss of appetite, lack of enthusiasm for any work, abdominal pain, irritability, headache, nausea, vomiting, insomnia and many other symptoms appear on the body due to constipation.

And if you have constipation for a long time, it can lead to hemorrhoids, hernias, hernias, duodenum (IBS), colitis, headaches, chronic colds.

Causes of constipation-

Vitiated Vata is responsible for many digestive diseases & constipation also, such as,

- Excessive consumption of dry foods like food heavy to digest, cold food or drinks, stale food and snacks like farsan, chiwda .

- Fasting, eating at the wrong time, eating when not hungry, overeating

- Overuse of meat, eggs, fish, hotel or outdoor food, excessive fast food - junk food, canned food

- Bakery products like bread, paaw, cake, pastry; fermented foods like idli, dosa, medu vada,

- sleeping late at night, eating late at night, sleeping during the day, lack of exercise, indigestion,

- Excessive cigarettes smoking, chewing tobacco, excess alcohol intake, excessive consumption of astringent-bitter-spicy foods

- Anxiety, stress

- lack of vegetables, fibrous food, ghee in the diet

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Tips to prevent constipation-

food to avoid in constipation