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Digestive Health : What is True ?

- Dr.Yogesh Chavan, MD(Ayu.Kerala

IBS, colitis, acidity, constipation ayurvedic treatment nashik
IBS, colitis, acidity, constipation ayurvedic treatment nashik

Ayurvedic Classics has described importance of daily routine for maintaining excellent Digestive Health. Dr.Yogesh Chavan MD(Ayu.)Kerala is digestive disorders expert in Nashik India. He has cured many cases of IBS, Grahani, Hyperacidity, Bloating, constipation, Colitis etc. successfully.

There are some advices given on internet or elsewhere for maintaining digestive health, but how many of them are really true.

True or False? Take this quiz to know now!

Q1. Inhaling fresh air and doing pranayama has nothing to do with ensuring proper digestive health.

True / False

Answer - False

It is known to everyone that air feeds a fire. Similarly, in Ayurveda it is believed that the Agni is kindled every time we breathe air, boosting a healthy digestive health. Therefore, the best way to feed the internal Agni is by inhaling fresh air, for which various breathing pranayama are there to help. In case you are unable to determine the ‘doshas’ that are affecting your Agni or well-being, consult with an Ayurveda doctor and convey your queries and problems to him.

Q2. Which of these Ayurveda tips can help in great digestion?

Meditate regularly/ Refrain from overeating / Eat without distractions / All of the above

Answer - All of the above

There are various constitutional treatments available of Ayurveda which are nothing but a few habits that can make the digestion process healthier. Some of such digestion-friendly Ayurveda tips are, eating mindfully, without any distractions, avoiding eating food that your stomach has to struggle to accommodate, meditating daily, focusing on the inner mind to obtain a sense of peacefulness and get rid of anxiety. You can always consult with an Ayurveda doctor to implement best practices for healthy digestion in your daily life.

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Q3. Sipping on Ginger tea can be an excellent way of maintaining your digestive health, as believed in Ayurveda.

True / False

Answer - True

Referred to as a universal remedy in Ayurveda, consumption of ginger along with tea is known to offer many health benefits, a sound digestive health being one of them. Ginger can smoothen not only the functioning of the muscles in the intestines but also relieves symptoms of cramping and gas. You can easily prepare large batches of ginger tea and store it in your thermos and have a sip from it now and then, throughout the day.

Q4. Which of these Ayurvedic way of eating can help in better digestion?

Making lunch the biggest meal of your day /

Eating the largest meal at dinner

Start the day with light breakfast

None of the above

Answer - Making lunch the biggest meal of your day

As per the Ayurvedic principle, the digestive fire burns the strongest when the sun reaches its highest point. In Ayurveda, humans are believed to be the mere reflection of what's happening in nature. Eating the biggest or heaviest meal during the lunch gives the body enough time to fully digest the food before going to bed when the digestive system shuts down effectively. In case you have any particular physical condition that prevents you from having heavy meals, consult with an Ayurveda doctor before changing your eating routine.

Q5. According to Ayurveda, following a consistent daily routine is crucial for excellent digestive health.

True / False

Answer - True

The practice of following an appropriate daily routine is emphasized greatly in Ayurveda for it being supportive of Agni, the essential factor for human's well-being. Maintaining a routine not only helps in reducing the stress and anxiety but also creates a sense of regularity, introducing the right balance in life, which is the key to a healthy digestive system. To keep your digestive health unharmed, you can talk to an Ayurvedic doctor for necessary Ayurvedic medicines or practices to follow.

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