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Protect your health by Following Ayurveda Daily Regimen (Dinacharya)

Protect your health by Following Ayurveda Daily Regimen (Dinacharya)


Man is a superior member of Nature which gives  the responsibility of  following  all the rules of Nature.  From the dawn to dusk is the high active time of a living being in a day. Ayurveda gives more emphasis on prevention of diseases than treating a disease. Ayurveda in its literature has given detailed rituals or practices (Charya) that one should follow every day to establish the balance of Tridosha in our body, which helps to regulate a person’s biological clock & keep Life style related disorders away.

1.Waking up with Nature –

Brahma Muhurta – last Muhurtham of a day is called as Brahma Muhurtha , the last 48 minutes before sun rise. To wake up in Ayurveda never means waking up simply from bed, the waking up the smallest working unit also is considered here in this context. Calm & quite environment helps in proper prayer study, feeling of happiness & freshness,

2.Shareera Chinta–

Have a complete self analysis before starting our day, get positively tuned by our own thoughts and then go for physical ashwell as mental  cleansing.  Proper bowel movement and excretion, brushing  of teeth , meditation and exercise according to one’s own strength is suggestive in the morning.

3.Snanam (Bath -physical and mental)-

     Body and mind cleansing is called as snana, that should be done with       water and intellect. Fresh water or hot water is used for bathing according to season to maintain hygiene. Hot water is contraindicated for head bath it causes harm to eye & hair.

4.Food intake-

only after the digestion of earlier meal completely, one must intake food. Food must be taken in time and in required and limited quantity( 1/3rd of stomach capacity). Avoid incompatible combinations, after assessing one’s own constitution ( Example- Using curd at night and curd without honey )

5.Collyrium (eye wash or kajal)  applying, Oleation  , Chewing mint leaf according to ones constitution,  helping others, having Virtuous thoughts, speaking  good words to others, avoiding  enmity in all aspects ,avoiding sinful acts, cleansing of mind  and body, keeping  control over senses and kindness toward all creatures must be followed .

6.Profession should be approached with   passion. All virtuous acts should be done in not less than moderate level. In a day, good and neat dress must be used and  must wear a  perfect  and proper footwear . When walking outside enough precaution must be taken against wind , rain ,sun, snow etc.

7.Winding up or reduce the activities by dusk is a good habit. As the bird  reaches back to its nest in time and meets family members, an individual  must follow the same rule with his/her family. Timely sleep also  helps to maintain good health.

8.The whole Universe is our teacher and Ayurveda  specially teaches Maithri ( proper relationship maintaining) . Family , friends, teachers  and all other creatures  must be given with proper consideration. 

9.Dharma (virtuous acts), Artha ( wealth) , Kama ( desire) and Moksha ( eternity) are the goals for a human life , so all acts must lead toward the goals. Health is an important factor for attaining above goals , so follow Ayurveda always to be healthy.

10.Protect and drive  body like a King protects his Nation or like charioteer drives his Chariot , and reach  Success line,  supported by positivity in all aspects

Have a good Day !!

(the above notes are based on Ashtanga Hrudaya, Sushruta Samhita and Charaka Samhita textbooks)


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