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Searching for Best Treatment for Hair fall? We can help

Best Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair fall

Hair fall treatment is the most discussed topic in family and friends because Hair fall is a very common problem these days. Healthy Hairs are considered as a queen's crown for women and they are considered to be a symbol of femininity, beauty, and self-respect. Hair enhances beauty and personality in both men and women. That is why when the health of hair deteriorates and they start to fall or become dry-fizzy, it is detrimental to beauty, self-esteem, and self-confidence. Premature hair loss is more or less common in all people nowadays. Hair problems which usually occur after the age of fifty are found in the age group of 20-21 years nowadays.

A detailed description of hair problems and remedies to keep them healthy is mentioned in Ayurveda Classic Books. In Ayurveda, hair loss or hair fall is called khalitya and it is described in Shiro Roga. Vitiated Vata dosha causes obstruction in the nourishment of hair follicles and hairs to become unhealthy and prone to fall.

Causes of Hair fall / Loss-

Faulty diet habits- Due to lack of adequate nutrients in the diet, the hair does not get the necessary vitamins and proteins and as a result, the hair becomes weak, dull, and dry.

-Anxiety / Stress- Excessive mental stress and anxiety both contribute to the imbalance of hormones and dosha. Sudden changes in diet sleep habits, digestion as well as hormones causes vitiation of tri dosha and it also increases the rate of hair loss.

-Prakruti / Body Type- Every individual has a different body type and Ayurveda has mentioned 7 types of body type. Vata Prakruti person naturally has dry and curly hairs. Pitta Prakruti individuals is more prone to hair fall as the nutrition to the hair roots is hampered by excessive pitta dosha and hair falls out quickly and turns grey/ white.

-Hereditary- Hair loss, baldness is genetic in many men as well as in some women. If father and grandfather have baldness on head, then same type of baldness or hair fall is also seen in children due to heredity or genetic reasons.

-Thyroid Disorders- If the secretion of thyroid gland is low / high, then the metabolic activities n in the body are hampered and due to inadequate nutrition, the hair becomes dull, dry and becomes brittle. Such unhealthy hairs are prone to fall easily.

-Excessive use of hair dye- Excessive use of artificial and chemical hair dye, hairspray as well as excessive use of chemical shampoo also increases the rate of hair fall.

Excessive ironing on the hair also damages the structure of the hair and weakens them. Anemia (low hemoglobin), calcium deficiency and chemotherapy also cause hair fall.

Health tips for Healthy Hairs-

Shirodhara Treatment in nashik

- Avoid stress and anxiety and do meditation, pranayama / yoga and exercise regularly. Shirshasan is very effective for healthy hair growth. Shirodhara Panchakarma is very effective to treat Hair fall and all kind of hair problems.

- The Healthy quality of the diet should be maintained so that daily food must contain maximum amount of nutrients. Calcium, vitamin D, Vitamin E, Albumin, minerals are essential for healthy hair growth. Healthy diet provides the body with adequate amounts of vitamins and proteins which are beneficial for healthy hair growth.

-Massage the roots of the hair with warm ayurvedic oil 2 times a week. This will increase blood circulation to the hair follicles and strengthen the hair roots with the right nutrients.

- Avoid excessive use of chemical shampoo. Instead, clean your hair 1 to 2 times a week with any herbal shampoo or a mixture of amla-shikekai-ritha.

- Avoid taking hot water on the hair as it weakens the hair. Always wash your hair with lukewarm water or plain tap water.

- Avoid combing through wet hair. Instead, comb the hair with a thick comb or fingers. Also, instead of rubbing the towel on the hair to dry it, lightly drip the water on the hair with a towel and let it dry well.

- Avoid using hair blower or hair dryer to dry hair, avoid frequent ironing of hair also avoid the use of hair clips as a fashion. This weakens the hair and causes it to fall out quickly.

- Trim ends of your hairs once a month. This removes split heads and dead heads and helps in hair growth.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair fall -

- Ayurvedic Panchakarma like Shirodhara and Nasya also help a lot in improving the health of hair.

- Ayurvedic Herbs like Nili, Bhrungaraj, Guduchi, Vasa, Bramhi etc. are very effective and helpful for the healthy growth of hair, these herbs also repair hair follicle damage as well hair damage.

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