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Allergic Rhinitis : Ayurvedic Treatment

Allergic rhinitis ayurvedic treatment in nashik

Allergic Rhinitis is very commonly found now days and reason behind it is altered lifestyle, pollution, excess preservative in food, junk-fast food etc. Everyone has had a cold at least once in their life. Rarely does one escape this; But there are plenty of people who are often caught in the cold. Common cold or rhinitis affects children and the elderly more commonly.

Symptoms of chronic cold -

Symptoms of cold includes

nasal congestion,

stuffy nose,

frequent sneezing,

itchy ears and eyes, red eyes, watery eyes,

difficulty breathing, fever, body aches, fatigue etc.

Although there are many causes of a common cold, the following are:

Causes of chronic rhinitis / cold-

- Cold winds, dust, smoke, humid weather, increasing pollution

- Sneezing and chills due to allergies to smoke, dust, flower pollen, dust etc.

Allergic sinus allergies to certain foods

- Cold water, excessive water intake, water changes, contaminated water intake

- Getting a lot of sleep, sleeping during the day, waking up at night

-Sleep without a pillow or sleep with a high pillow

-The nasal passages become crooked, the stomach is not clean

- Excessive intake of kapha i.e. phlegm-increasing substances, e.g. Milk, sweets, custard, guava, etc. Over consumption of cucumber, ice cream, custard apple, milk shake, cold juice etc.

- Weakening of the immune system

- Bad habit of sleeping direct under full speed fan and sleeping in the air

Allergic cold/ rhinitis ayurvedic treatment in nashik

Treatment for recurrent and chronic Allergic Rhinitis / cold -

- When sleeping at night, sleep with a handkerchief wrapped around your ears

- Eat dinner early, avoid eating rice at night

- If you stuff your nose, put cotton balls in your ears

- Do 5 to 10 sun salutations daily

- Pranayama for 5 to 10 minutes, anulom-vilom

- Eat hot, thin, red chilli, ginger, cumin, mire, asafoetida, garlic, ginger, bay leaf etc.

- Apply hot water vapor or ginger paste on the forehead. Drink hot water etc.

- Smoking in Ayurveda clears the phlegm and goes away

- The usual cold goes away due to vomiting and nausea in Panchakarma.

- Cold is cured with Sitopaladi powder, Talisadi powder, Tribhuvankirti, Lakshmivilas juice, etc. mentioned in Ayurveda.

- Chitrak Haritaki Avaleh, Chyavanprash, Brahmarasayan etc. If consumed for 6 months, the immune system is strengthened and the common cold goes away.

-Do not take any medicine for a long time without proper doctor's advice

Ayurvedic treatment is very effective for treatment of chronic allergic rhinitis or chronic cough.

One can get relieved from all symptoms within 2 to 3 months. Dr.Yogesh Chavan has treated many patients suffering from allergic rhinitis with help of Ayurvedic treatment. He is expert in Ayurvedic treatment and Panchakarma in Nashik.

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