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What is Ayurveda : myths and facts

Ayurveda science of life

Ayurveda is gaining popularity, acceptance and momentum in the 21st century through new research. More and more people are now turning towards Ayurveda & natural herbal treatment. People are following Ayurveda knowing that it is not just a science to cure diseases but it’s a healthy lifestyle and a healthy way of life.

"प्रयोजनंच अस्य स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं आतुरस्य व्याधी प्रशमनंच ।"

In Ayurveda texts, Prevention of disease is as important as cure of any disease. Ayurveda has given equal importance to both. And for that healthy lifestyle, Ritucharya, dos and don’ts for healthy body functions has been mentioned thoroughly. Ayurvedic medicines have been successfully used and tested since ages. Such time proven ayurvedic medicines are still more efficient and safe than any other medicine system, all that is required is to use the right medicine according to the condition of the disease.

There are many misconceptions about Ayurveda in the minds of people nowadays.

Some of the misconceptions-

1. Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects??-

This is one of the biggest and most dangerous misconceptions and many people think that Ayurvedic medicines are herbal and do not have adverse effects on the body. But where there is an effect, there will be side effects if the medicine is used improperly. Taking the right medicine with the advice of the right doctor will definitely not have any side effects but the medicines taken in the wrong dose and in the wrong way will definitely harm the body.

Just like guggulu tablets / Asava, Arishta medicines are if taken on an empty stomach and in high doses, once can experience hyper-acidity, stomach upset, burning in abdomen etc.

There are some poisonous herbs which are used in ayurvedic medicines after purification. But excess or wrong use of such herbs like Jaipal / Dhattur / Vatsnabh / Afu, can be harmful to the body. Toxins are produced in the body and other diseases are produced. There are many ayurvedic medicines which are more beneficial when used with the advice of a proper doctor.

Improperly prepared bhasma medicine contains hazardous substances like heavy-metal so it affects the kidneys / liver / heart so it should be used only after making sure that these bhasma medicines are prepared authentically by standard pharmacy or ayurvedic doctor.

2. Ayurvedic medicines do not expire -??

It is a big misconception among the people that Ayurveda medicines do not have an expiry date, but the fact is that all Ayurveda medicines also have an expiry date and this time period has been already mentioned in ancient Ayurveda text books. Churna (Powders), kashay (extracts), tablets etc. all medicines have an expiration of a certain number of months / years.

In modern period this can be extended to 3 to 5 years by adding preservatives.

Generally, powder / extract have expiry date after 1 year, gutika / vati(tablet)- 2 years, avaleh- 3 years, guggulu containing tablets- 5 years, oil and ghee- 2 years, these medicines are good for this period, with the exception of Bhasma medicines and asava/ arishta medicines.

Asava –Arishta and bhasma are more better if they are older. But recently, according to the new rules, Asav Arishta has also been given an expiry of 10 years.

Ayurvedic Treatment Nashik

3. The Ayurvedic medicines takes more time to show results on body.-

Ayurvedic medicines are fast acting and more effective, if used with the right advice and in the right way. In Ayurvedic medicine, some medicines (Asav-Arishta / Vish Kalpa / Matra) are mixed in the blood quickly and start working and show results as fast as Allopathic medicine. Medications that show immediate effects also include laxatives. Some medications used for purgation are effective as soon as diarrhea starts within 1 hour.

4. There are many dietary restrictions in Ayurveda Treatment-

This misconception is becoming more and more prevalent in today's fast food eaters fast lifestyle, but Ayurveda gives as much importance on proper diet as it does on medicines. Because the root cause of many ailments and diseases is wrong eating habits, so it is just as important to abstain from the diet that has caused the ailment and it is the first step in treatment, which is called 'Nidan Parivarjan' in Ayurveda.

The dietary science described in Ayurveda is still 100% accurate and advanced science. If allopathic medicines are taken for acid reflux and alongwith that acid or bile-enhancing substances are taken in the diet , it is opposite to each other and such treatment is only a temporary treatment for the symptoms. But in Ayurveda, the treatment of acid reflux is done from the root.

5. Panchakarma should be done only by sick persons??

The basic purpose of Panchakarma is to remove the accumulated dosha’s / toxins from the body. Therefore, it is also called detox treatment or therapy in modern times because it removes the toxins from the body. And body cleansing is achieved along with rejuvenation process.

This not only helps in curing the disease but in healthy individual Panchakarma also boosts the body's immune system by elimination toxins and makes the whole body system work more efficiently, making it less likely to get any other disease in the next year. This helps in improving the quality of life if healthy people who undergoes Panchakarma treatment.

Some frequently asked Questions about Ayurveda.

1. What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is ancient Indian herbal way of treating diseases from roots with its own basic principles and Ayurvedic herbal and herbo-mineral medicines.

Ayurveda focuses on avoiding diseases as well as treating diseases.

Medicines use in Ayurveda are herbal as well as purified mineral origin which are completely safe and very effective. Ayurvedic treatment is completely scientific and some half knowledge persons call this as pseudoscience. Effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicines is proven since thousands of years as well as in many scientific papers.

2. Who is Ayurvedic Doctor?

Any person who is registered in state Indian medicine register or Central Council of Indian Medicines register is authorized Ayurvedic Doctor and he is allowed to practice Ayurveda in India.

Usually State and Central council register only BAMS degree holder in this register. MD in Ayurveda as well as PhD in Ayurveda is higher education in Ayurveda field.

Ayurvedic Treatment in Nashik

3. What is Ayurvedic Doctor Called as?

Ayurvedic Doctors are called as Vaidya or Doctor. Vaidya is ancient Sanskrit word for Doctor. Now days Ayurvedic Doctor can be called as Vaidya as well as Doctor.

4. Is Ayurveda Better than Allopathy?

Of course yes. Ayurveda is very much better than Allopathic medicines. This fact is proven in many scientific papers as well as international journals. Few people hiding these facts for their own benefits.

5. Where to take Ayurvedic Treatment?

You can take Ayurvedic treatment at any nearby Ayurvedic Clinic. Just make sure he is registered Ayurvedic Practitioner and has a valid degree displayed on front wall of Clinic. Ayurvedic doctor must have valid Ayurvedic BAMS Degree. It will be better if doctor has MD in Ayurveda degree as well as PhD degree. The best Ayurvedic Treatment clinic is that which have very genuine and experienced Ayurvedic Doctor.

Don’t confuse yourself with fake ayurvedic degrees as there are many doctor who showcase themselves with fake MD degree like- MD(AM) , this degree is not Ayurvedic Post graduation degree.

6. Who is Best Ayurvedic Doctor in India?

Any Doctor having valid Ayurvedic Degree and registered with state or state council can be best ayurvedic Doctor.

If you want to check good doctor then you can search in Google and read reviews about ayurvedic clinic as well as Ayurvedic Doctors. Word of mouth, Google and previous experience with doctor can help you to find best Ayurvedic Doctor in India.

Dr.Yogesh Chavan is experienced & one of the leading Ayurveda Doctor from Nashik, India. He completed his Post graduation in Ayurveda i.e. MD from reputed ayurveda College in Kerala & practicing in Nashik since last 10 years. He has successfully treated many challenging diseases with help of Ayurveda & Panchakarma.

His specialty is in Skin care, hairs fall- Dandruff, joints related diseases, Digestive disorders, Obesity or weight loss, allergic conditions, Gynecological diseases, Suvarna prashan in Children.

Dr.Yogesh is also a health blogger. He writes on various blogs as well as various platforms to create awareness about Ayurveda and Panchakarma in Community. He is spreading ayurveda & health knowledge through articles in many newspapers & his blog

His work & sound knowledge in this field has been acknowledged by many institutes.

Best Ayurvedic Doctor in Nashik India

8. Which is Best Ayurvedic Treatment Clinic in Nashik.

Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda & Keraliya Panchakarma Clinic is started in year 2012. Now it became one of the best ayurvedic Clinic in Nashik. Clinic is founded and run by experienced MD Ayurveda Doctor in Nashik. Dr.Yogesh Chavan is founder of Ayushman Bhava Ayurveda Panchakarma Clinic, he persuade his MD degree in Ayurveda from reputed Government Ayurvedic College in Kerala.

After completing bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda Dr.Yogesh Chavan got selected for MD in Ayurveda through entrance exam in which he scored in top 15.

He got selected for MD in Ayurveda in Government Ayurveda College, Tripunithura near Ernakulam in Kerala.

Kerala is naturally blessed with beauty & herbs hence called as God’s own country. Ayurveda treatment and medicines are very popular and flourished in Kerala due to high literacy rate.

There he practiced and mastered in Kerala Ayurveda medicines and Kerala Panchakarma. In his 3 years MD course in Kerala, he attended more than 50 Ayurveda related Seminars & gained sound knowledge in Ayurveda.

He is best for Ayurvedic treatment for weight loss, acne, Pimples, IBS, Hair fall, Weight loss, Arthritis, Gout, RA, Spondylosis, Low back pain, Reflux - acidity, Skin diseases, Allergic reactions, PCOS/ PCOD, Leucoderma (white patches on skin), Thyroid issues, Kidney stone, Psoriasis, Stress, Liver & digestive disorders, Piles, fissure, Cough, cold etc.

He also has specialty Ayurvedic treatment for Hair fall.

We have very effective treatment for weight loss. Ayurvedic weight loss is healthy weight loss, which never bounce after completing treatment


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