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Searching for Hair fall treatment: Ayurveda can guide you better

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair fall in Nashik

Hair fall is a major concerning factor in the young generation. Nowadays fast social life create major change into our lifestyle, as a result, we are facing many issues related to overall health such as stress, depression, digestion, migraine, skin issues, hair fall, etc

Hair is considered the most important part of our beauty of the body which boosts our self-confidence, makes a good personality, increase belief in our self but we are always neglecting our body for the reason of life stress and problem, for that our hair faces lack of care, getting enough nutrients, etc which turns into major hair fall issues.

Hair fall is called khalitya in Ayurveda. Increased bhrajaka pitta along with increased vata leads to weakening of hair, slow or no growth of hair. The main reasons behind that which directly related to our digestion, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, faulty lifestyle, hereditary, major diseases, etc.

Causes behind Hair fall :

1) Digestion :

In a whole life we dedicate most of the time to FOOD simply means we are ever ready to eat tasty spicy oily creamy food, right? But wait have you ever thought before what you eat that might be affecting your health for a long time, the answer is YES Because whatever you eat for your soul, it is not proper food for your body to run basic functions of the body with enough nutrients, that food is very digestive, the body requires a lot of effort to digest even though it won't get nutrients which cause major hair fall, weakening of hairs, whitening of hair, hair loss, skin issue, etc. it directly damage the digestive fire which helps the body to digest the food properly. In Ayurveda digestive fire is treated as a god, if it works well then your digestion is proper, the body can absorb nutrients from food effectively. Most diseases have the same reason to start which is from your digestion. In Ayurveda, there are some wholesome and holistic treatments to reactive your digestive fire which helps not only in hair fall but in overall health which keeps you away from most of the diseases.

Shirodhara for Hair fall treatment

2)Hormonal imbalance:

In India, most women suffer from PCOD/PCOS which disturb the overall health of women, PCOS stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which affects Woman’s ovaries and adrenal glands.

These glands start more secretion of androgen hormones/ male hormones which interferes in various systemic functions and activities and PCOD stands for Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease which Increased secretion of androgens causes the formation of cysts in both ovaries, this causes dry scalp, dandruff, hair fall, etc

Hormonal imbalance is one of the important causes of hair fall.

PCOD/PCOS must be treated to avoid infertility in the future. Do check our blog on PCOD/PCOS for further information.

- After giving birth to the child, due to that lactating mother lost its calcium and many nutrients which creates insufficiency of necessary nutrients which results in Hair fall.

-this hair fall issue can be managed by providing calcium, iron, and other multivitamins Ayurvedic medicines.

- Hair growth usually takes time. For better growth of hairs patience for 1-2 months is required.

-Menopause period is one of the main conditions for hair fall. After the age of 45-50, there is a change in hormones and deficiency of calcium, and some hormones cause dryness of the scalp and slow or dim hair growth. It is a natural process due to menopause so we cannot expect dark voluminous long hair but with the help of healthy habits and diet along with ayurvedic medicine we boost up hair growth.

Lack of nutrients:

Here we discuss the nutrition of the body. We always think that we took enough food for the body but getting enough food doesn't mean we are getting enough nutrition from that food. Our body is made from 70% of water other 30% of other tissues. That's the reason doctors always recommended taking 8 glasses of water per day. If we don't then the body faces many difficulties which result in digestion problems, hair loss, etc. According to Ayurveda, our hairs are UPDHATU OF ASTHI DHATU (BONES), if your asthi dhatu getting proper nourishment.

Only then your hairs will be nourished; so hairs get nourishment after nourishment of other body tissues.

Hence we should get nutritious food which is high in protein, calcium, iron, minerals, etc as well as your digestive ability should be well to properly absorb all nutrition from the food. Otherwise, it won't get proper nourishment due to lack of absorption even when you are getting nutritional food.

Hair fall Treatment in Nashik

Lifestyle Disorder:

Our lifestyle plays important role in the hair fall issue. Rural people are very lucky for having peaceful life along with fresh air, less pollution, but in this case, urban people are not as luckier as rural people, they have to face stress, pollution, unhealthy food, etc are all causes hair fall.

PANCHAKARMA- A DETOXIFICATION PROCESS OF THE BODY, which removes all polluted molecules, toxic elements from the body, helps to grow healthily, and improves the internal health of the hair thus the hair fall will be reduced over time.

Sometimes only stress can create major threatening health problem which is not possible to resolve by medicines only, thus we have to manage and reduce stress with the help of meditation.

The most effective stress fighter in Ayurveda is SHIRODHARA-STRESSBUSTER AND HORMONAL BALANCING PROCESS. It is a form of the most effective form of meditation in which warm medicated oil is rhythmically poured on the forehead for 45 minutes. During this procedure soft meditational music is played in the background. This procedure is done for 7 days. Shirodhara balances your hormones and relaxes your body and brain, providing nourishment through the roots of the hair

Miscellaneous reasons:

1) Diseases :

Thyroid diseases, hypertension, digestive diseases, psoriasis, scalp infection are the reasons causes for hair fall.

The other major disease is cancer in which you receive chemotherapy, radiation treatment to your head or neck, you may lose all your hair within a few weeks.

In Ayurveda Pitta Prakruti people can also face hair fall issues as they are increased with pitta in the body.

2) Chemical treatment:

Nowadays we are doing more chemical treatment and shampoo and spa to look flawless but this gives you charm for a temporary basis. After that, it damages our scalp and hair shafts and they lose their holding capacity of hair and give you major hair loss.

3) Hairdryer/ironing:

Excessive use of a hairdryer, ironing, curling, and hairstyling can cause pressure on the scalp along with chemical cosmetics which includes harmful ingredients.

4) Hereditary case:

Hereditary issues can be passed on from parents to their offspring, even though there are no other causes for hair fall but it can be treated earlier as we notice the symptoms

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Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair fall includes the use of medicines that improves metabolism and nourishment towards hair follicles. Ayurveda also focuses on the treatment of the causes of hair fall. Bhringaraj, Nili, Guduchi, Amalaki, etc are some herbs used for the nourishment of hairs.

Shirodhara is very effective for healthy hair growth, it also boosts hair follicles and controls hormonal imbalance.

We have managed many patients suffering from hair fall successfully with Ayurvedic Treatment and Panchakarma.

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Tips to reduce hair fall



1)Have balanced and nutritional diet

1)Avoid oily, spicy food diet.

​2)Do regular exercise(especially shirshasan) and meditation

2)Avoid excessive use of harsh chemicals on hairs

3)have a green smoothie in every Morning

3)Avoid hot water and bore well water for hair wash

4)use a sulfate-free mild shampoo.

​4)Avoid stressful conditions

​5)do massage once or twice in week with warm medicated oil.

5)Avoid combing and rubbing on wet hairs

6)get enough amount of calcium, iron, Ironing on hairs

6)Avoid using hair dye, and frequent multivitamins, etc

​7)get enough amount of sleep i.e,8 hours on fixed time

7)Avoid Day sleeping as it disturbs your metabolism


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