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Searching for Hair fall treatment: Ayurveda can guide you better

Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair fall in Nashik

Hair fall is a major concerning factor in the young generation. Nowadays fast social life create major change into our lifestyle, as a result, we are facing many issues related to overall health such as stress, depression, digestion, migraine, skin issues, hair fall, etc

Hair is considered the most important part of our beauty of the body which boosts our self-confidence, makes a good personality, increase belief in our self but we are always neglecting our body for the reason of life stress and problem, for that our hair faces lack of care, getting enough nutrients, etc which turns into major hair fall issues.

Hair fall is called khalitya in Ayurveda. Increased bhrajaka pitta along with increased vata leads to weakening of hair, slow or no growth of hair. The main reasons behind that which directly related to our digestion, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, faulty lifestyle, hereditary, major diseases, etc.

Causes behind Hair fall :