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What is Panchakarma Treatment

Panchakarma Treatment Nashik
Panchakarma Treatment Nashik

Whats is panchakarma?

Panchakarma – Pancha means “five” and Karma means “Therapy or procedures”, Panchakarma means five-fold ayurvedic therapeutic procedures for body cleansing.

Panchakarma is an efficient and miraculous Ayurvedic technique of treatment that cleanses or detoxifies the body.

Body undergoes metabolism 24*7 through that waste product (toxins) are formed; these toxins are called as ‘Aam’.

This aam is the root reason behind numerous diseases.

Panchakarma procedure removes toxins or Aam dosha from our body in effective way without causing any adverse effects on body.

These are all shodhana (cleansing of vitiated doshas and bringing them to normalcy) therapies.

Panchakarma consists of -

1. Vaman

2. Virechan

3. Basti

4. Nasya

5. Raktamokshan

These therapies are known as Pradhan karma , that means main procedures.

Snehana and Swedana are pre procedures of Panchakarma which should be done before Pradhan karmas and are so called Purva karma (Pre-Procedures).

Purvakarma is a preparative stage for the main procedures; it brings the aggravated doshas in koshtha for its elimination.

Pre-purification Therapies : Snehan (Massage /Oleation therapy) and Swedan (Sudation) are the two Purva karmas.

• Snehan : Snehan or Oleation therapy helps to free body toxins which are stuck up into our body systems causing ailments. Oleation is of two types internal and external oleation, where in Internal Oleation Sneha dravya like plain or medicated ghee, oil is taken orally in desirable amount.

External Oleation procedure consists of whole or partial body massage with medicted oils.

Our skin being semi-permeable absorbs this oil to some extent.

• Swedan : Swedan or Sudation therapy is sweating induced by steam,it liquifies the toxins and increases the flow of toxins to Gastrointestinal tract (Koshtha). There are various ways of applying swedan therapy like Nadi sweda, Pinda sweda, Patra pottali, Valuka sweda, etc the type of sweda to be used is selected according to patient and the disease he is suffering from.

Similarly there are some allied procedures which are different from these basic 5 therapies and also called as Upkarma or allied Panchakarma, these are:

Shirodhara, Shirobasti, Katibasti, Janubasti, Manyabasti

Netra tarpan,

Karnapuran, Pizicchil, Tailadhara, Nabhipuran, Hridbasti, Manyabasti etc.

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Pradhan karma (The fivefold Purification measures) :

1. Vaman (Therapeutic Emesis) :

Therapeutic emesis is administered in patients suffering from deranged Kapha accumulated in Respiratory tract, Sinuses, Bronchial asthma, Psoriasis, Chronic Allergies, Obesity, Chronic Indigestion, Hyperacidity, Nasal Congestion and other skin disorders.

Patient is asked to drink decoction of medicines which induces vomiting like liquorice, or Acorus calamus root, or sugarcane juice – as per his body constitution and ailment he is suffering from – to the full extent and emesis is induced. Minimum 4-6 bouts of vomit indicate excellent purification.