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Tips to avoid diseases in Rainy Season.

 Diet & regimen in Rainy Season(Monsoon) / 

Varsha Ritucharya (वर्षा ऋतुचर्या)

Ayurveda deals with preserving health & treating diseases But Prime aim of ayurveda is to maintain healthy state of life of individual. And for that Ayurveda Samhita has mentioned different diet and lifestyle schedule in each season which helps to maintain the health, which is called ‘Ritucharya’. In Rainy Season i.e.Varsha ritu, this diet & lifestyle rules are called as Varsha Ritucharya.

Varsha ritu (Rainy season) according to Ayurveda falls in the Uttarayan (northern solstice) and in this period general body strength of an individual is weak.In this season the atmosphere is although cool due to rainfall but the humidity increases and this causes aggrevation of doshas. Due to poor strength of Agni (Digestive fire), doshas start vitiating one another, primarily the vata dosha and secondarily pitta and kapha dosha which may cause many ailments. One must follow a specific Diet and lifestyle schedule in rainy season as the chances of having digestive problems are great during this season.

Ayurveda describes aggravation (vitiation) of Vata and accumulation of Pita in Varsha ritu (Rainy season).This is the major cause of various diseases occurring during the rainy season. The food and lifestyle should thus be such which helps in balancing Vata and Pita.

Use recommended-

  1. Food, which contains acid, salt and greasiness, should be taken. Consume very simple food, Old rice, wheat and barley should be taken.

  2. Ghee (clarified butter) and milk should be taken with the food, Pumpkin, brinjal, pointed gourd, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, ginger, cumin seed, fenugreek and garlic are very helpful for health.

  1. Pure water should be taken. If the water is taken from well, pond or river, then alum should be applied before using it. It is better to boil the water in rainy season. One should save himself/herself from rains in the process of earning livelihood.

  1. Don’t go in mud or wet dust bare feet. Applying oil is beneficial.