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How to get rid of Dark Circles & eye bags around eyes

Suffering from under eye dark circles & eye bags?

Here are some ayurvedic tips..

Due to stress in daily life insomnia, anorexia, anxiety is common. Due to increased stress, under eye dark circle & under eye skin bags are common in women. Many solutions are given in magazines & internet but only few of them works well.

But ayurveda has better solution to these under eye dark circle & eye bags. According to ayurveda under eye dark circle is sign of Rasa dhatu Kshaya which is caused by stress, poor intake of water, unhealthy diet, sleeping late at night & habit of sleeping in a day.

Tips to Remove Dark circles & eye bags-

1. Avoid using computer or mobile for prolonged time especially during night. This causes stress on eyes & increases dark circles.

2. Drink water as per body’s requirement; don’t cut down water intake at workplace to avoid frequent urinal visits. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the ones rich in fiber. Avoiding excess of sweets and chocolates also helps.

3. Take a balanced & healthy diet at proper timings of pitta,lunch must be taken before 1pm & it is good to take dinner around 7pm. Food taken during pitta timings get digested & absorbed well in body, which provides nutrition which is essential for proper skin & eye’s health. Junk, preservative-heavy food and lack of fresh salads and adequate nourishing food in your diet will also cause the skin to look sallow and give you dark circles.

4. Avoid stress-

Most people who are very stressed out also have sleep problems. Either they suffer from disturbed sleep and toss and turn or due to incessantly thinking doesn’t get to sleep. They often wake up groggy in the morning.

5. Eye pack or Bidalak for dark circles-

Special mixture of ayurvedic herbs is applied on skin under the eyes is called as Bidalak which is very useful to remove dark circles& eye bags. This formulation must be used under the guidance of ayurveda doctor.

6. Aloe vera gel/ Raw Potato/ Rose water for dark circles-

Apply the gel under the eyes and massage for a few seconds. Leave it on for about 10-12 minutes. Clean with a moist cotton pad. Rose water Or Raw Potato can be used for the same.

7. Ayurvedic anti stress medicines such as brahmi, jatamansi etc. & abhyanga, shirodhara helps to get free from stress, which is one of the main reasons of dark circles.

8. Ayurvedic procedures such as Tarpana, putapaka, pindi, bidalaka helps to cure such condition.

9. Yogasana & pranayama-

Avoid stress, tension, anxiety by practicing Yogasanas & Pranayama. Daily 30 minutes of yoga practice will distress your body & rejuvenate skin & eyes. Anuloma-Viloma pranayama, Bhasrika, Tratakwill be helpful for this condition.


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