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Boost your Immunity with AYUSH KADHA recommended by Ministry of AYUSH INDIA.

AYUSH Ministry has recommended to consume AYUSHA kadha daily to build immunity to fight against current pandemic COVID19

Boost immunity with ayurveda treatment nashik AYUSH KWATH, AYUSH  KADHA to boost immunity
AYUSHA KWATH to enhance Immunity.

Ingredients of AYUSH KWATH :

1.Tulsi Leaves (Basil Leaves) - 4 Parts

2.Dalchini (Cinnamon) - 2 Parts

3.Shunthi (Ginger)- 2 Parts

4. Kali Marich (Black Pepper)- 1 Parts

Preparation of AYUSH KWATH -

Take all ingredients in dry form & make coarse powder.

Make sachets or tea bags of 3 grams each.

Take 300 ml water & add 1 sachet of powder and boil till it becomes half i.e. 150ml.

Add lemon juice or honey or jaggery as per need.

Consume daily for better immunity to fight any pandemic including COVID 19.

Ayush ministry of Government of INDIA has recommended this tea for preventive measure against COVID 19 .



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