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Ayurvedic Guide to Cure/Avoid Digestive Disorders

Ayurvedic Guide to Cure/Avoid Digestive Disorders

These days incidences of life-style-related diseases are alarmingly high. Life style is an important factor related to health and attracts more interest by researchers. Diet is greatest factor in life style and has direct and positive relationship with health. Due to modernization, life style and food habits are changing day by day such as taking junk food, and late night dinner has become common. Such habit causes indigestion and gastric problems. Worldwide prevalence of gastro-intestinal disorders is 15-45 % and it is increasing everday.

According to Ayurveda, health and wellbeing depends upon our ability to digest everything and convert it into energy. ‘Agni’(Digestiv e fire) is an important factor that provides digestive ability to us. Pachaka pitta is equivqalant to ‘Agni’ located in Aamashaya (stomach). Not only GI disorders but most of the diseases are caused by single dominant factor, ‘Aam’(Incomplete Digested food). Unhealthy life style and diet responsible for vitiation of ‘Agni’ leads to digestive health disturbances.

According to Ayurveda, strong digestion is foundation of strong and healthy physiology. Digestion provides ‘Aahar-rasa’ which later gets converted in to seven Dhatus (body tissues).

To maintain proper Jatharagni(Digestive fire), ayurveda books have mentioned some dietary regimens &tips. By maintaining proper Digestive fire one can keep all the digestive problems & gastro-intestinal disorders at bay.

Ayurveda Regimen & tips to maintain healthy Digestive fire are given below.

According to Ayurveda following eight factors should be considered before taking any type of food.

1) Prakriti – Nature of the food articles

2) Karana – Method of food preparation or processing

3) Samyoga – Combination

4) Rashi – Quantity of substance

5) Desha – Place

6) Kala – Time

7) Upayogasanstha – Rules governing the intake of food

8) Upayokta – The users or Considerations of the person consuming the food.

Also follow some rules while taking meal.

1.Ushnamashniyat – (Intake of warm food) – The first requisite regarding prepared meal is that it should be taken in Ushna

(hot) condition. If one’s taking hot food, it enhances taste, Jatharagni (digestive power) which in turn helps in proper digestion of the food, helps in Vatanulomana (proper bowel movement). The specific sequence of Aahara Vidhi Vidhan is practically very important. Besides the whole meal being Ushana, it must begin with Ushana Anna, so that profuse flow of saliva and gastric Juices are achieved for the next food item.

2. Snigdhamshniyat (Intake of unctuous food) – The food taken should be Snigdha (Unctuous) in nature as this type of food causes feeling of proper taste, it stimulates the Pachakaagni (digestive fire), gets digested fastly, stimulates the peristaltic movements, pacifies the excess of Vata dosha, nourishes the body, promotes growth of the body, strengthens the sense organs, promotes strength, brings out the brightness of complexion. For the proper digestion one part of the stomach should be left for the free movement of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. This type of food does not impair the power of digestion and it gets digested without any difficulty.