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Pregnancy care & Ayurveda

Pregnancy related facts with more consideration to Vata humor.

              To get pregnant  fertilization must take place. The proper implantation after fertilization helps in the growth of fetus . After full term growth, if the baby comes with a Cephalic presentation associated  with a good pelvic floor muscular activity in  that lady helps in a Normal Labor . 

  Ayurveda has explained the methods to conceive properly and the proper care of the lady till she attains complete health after labor.

– Importance of care taken by men and women before planning to get conceived

– Proper care of the pregnant lady up to her attainment of normal health after labor is explained properly in Ayurveda.

  The male as well as female reproductive organ is situated at the predominant site of Vata humor. Ayurveda explains the site of Vata humor below navel. Movement is important function of Vatahumor.  From the action done for conception to the proper delivery of child  , Vata humor has the major role.  

This article compiles those points from Ashtanga Hrudaya , related to the importance Vata humor and some extra Ayurveda regimens done during this time.

– Ayurveda advices Men to take Rice along with Ghee and milk, which are Vata and Pitta humor pacifying food combination.

– For Women Vata pacifying oil (Sesame oil or Gingely oil) added food is mentioned.

– Women laying on spine and man on the top is best position for conception according Ayurveda. The mind should concentrate in the thought of conception is also very important. This position helps in maintaining all humors of body in level.

– Counting from first day of Menstrual bleeding, Ayurveda suggests avoiding 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 11th day for having sexual act for conception.

– Cork swallow wort  – root tuber or whole plant can be used internally and externally as medicine for Pregnant lady. Milk, decoction, food etc can be made from the above mentioned plant.

– Butter , Ghee and Milk is good as food for the pregnant lady.

– Avoid over exertion, carrying over weighed goods, day sleep, less sleep at night, tensions, fasting, blocking natural urges, over walking , alcohol, food which causes humor imbalance ( over spicy , dry, food which causes burning sensation ) , emesis, purgation and enema (  oil enema can be done from 9th month) .

– Triphala ( Emblica officinalis , Terminalia chebula , Terminalia bellerica dried and powdered) water  can be used for washing and bathing  , if itching in lower areas due to imbalance in humors .

– Sweet milk porridge with ghee pacifies vata and pitta humor

– Oily enema from 9th month added with ghee and salt controls Vatahumor.

– Meat soup also is suggestive with oil from 9th month.

– Also cotton soaked with oil over vagina during the days near to Expected day and lukewarm water bath is good.

– Mild oleation below hip and porridge made of milk and ghee on the day labor also is suggestive.

– After labor drinking ghee and coriander water, cleaning the orifice with oil helps in reducing pain. Milk porridge can be continued even after the labor.

– Avoid heavy meals which causes indigestion, burning sensation.

All the above mentioned advice if followed properly will control Vataand other humors and will help in proper conception and a normal delivery. From the action done for conception to labor, excess care is required. For each individual the constitution is different, in order get the personal Ayurveda advice always consult a doctor.  

Read Ashtanga   Hrudaya for more details and can enquire with us on given contact details.

Note: All the above mentioned measures must be followed with the guidance of a doctor.

God bless you.



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